Thank the Lord for Big Brothers!

Boaz saved his little sister Sally from a nasty accident today. Sally is three years old and we had to go down the hill track to get to Granny’s house. I got her to walk her bike down the stairs at the top of the hill track, but as soon as she got to the bottom of the steps she jumped on her bike. I called to her to stop and ran after her. It was too late, the slope of the hill meant she was unable to stop and she continued to accelerate down the hill, in an evermore-wobbly zigzag, as she tried to work out how to stop her balance bike. She was getting faster and faster as she headed towards the corner overhanging the bank. I dropped the skateboard and the dog lead and ran after her but was not making any ground on her. I called out to Boaz (her nine year old brother) who was up ahead with his scooter, to stop her. Boaz dropped his scooter turned around and placed himself in her path, then when she came close… he dived, totally committed to catching her before she hit the bend and the bank. He wrapped his arms around her and they collapsed onto the path. Thank the Lord for big brothers!

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