My Thought for the Day

A friend pointed out a website that had a very poorly written article critising a comment made by Brian Houston saying it was probably propaganda. I think they were right – the article was completely out of context and very unevenly presented with little references and was obviously written by someone who had an alternative agenda.

These poorly constructed highly critical articles obssessed with Christian leaders’ errors (but somehow claiming to be envoys of our God of grace,) seem to be occurring more and more in social media feeds. It made me consider again how easily led we can allow ourselves to be. I think instead we need to try and remember that anyone who speaks in public a lot will make minor slip ups and will be misunderstood from time to time, it doesn’t mean they are leading us all to Hell with roller skates on – you have to listen to the whole story and know the person to understand what they really believe.

Well, that’s my thought for today!

Update: So I watched the controversial video of Rick Warren’s speech to the Muslim Convention (mentioned by the same site giving Brian Houston a hard time). I saw a Christian stand up and tell a room full of Muslims he believed in Jesus Christ as his Savior. Sounds like a confession of faith to me. He talked about working together to solve problems like poverty and conflict – sounds like real world Christianity to me… being the light and salt of the earth. I don’t think its dodgy – I think its being representatives of Jesus in a world that needs us. Friends with Muslims… yes, working together with Muslims… yes, but (as Warren himself said in the video) not compromising our own beliefs in Christ as the way, the truth and the life. If we aren’t open to working with the people of the world, we become a closed off cell, taking ourselves to Heaven to get a good seat so we can watch everyone else burn – I don’t think that’s what Jesus would do and its not what I plan on doing.

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