Jesus As Human

The fact that the tomb was empty and Jesus was gone doesn’t mean that Jesus has moved on and forgotten humanity. Jesus came down to earth and experienced life as a human being, the divine son of God took on the form of man and lived among us. He experienced the human senses, both physical and emotional. Many of the deepest and most intense of those senses he experienced over the Easter weekend, as he felt the separation from his father, the rejection of his friends and the severe woundings of his enemies. Woundings that led to his death on the cross, broken completely in body he slipped out of consciousness and those around him began to realise the dreadful mistake they had made.

At this point in time the power of God was fully revealed to the Devil, whose laughter turned to despair, as the Son of God took the opportunity that his own painful death presented. The opportunity to take from his adversary the keys to that place called Hell, to let loose the captives and to take away from Satan the very power of life and death. Just as those who had been freed from the power of death appeared to their families on their way to be with the Father, so Jesus also tarried on his way through, allowing his disciples and friends to see him and know that he was well and that he was on his way home.

He went home to prepare a place for his loved ones, the children of his father. He went home, back to his divine place, his divinely destined throne and he did it in human form, he will not give up his humanity, for it was brought with a high price, just as was the place he won back for us. A place in Heaven with our Lord, who knows us and knows what is like to be human.

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