Publication Guidelines

To be published by Faith With Wisdom content must:

Be submitted by the original author (excepting links to external sources)
Not infringe any copyright in being published by
Be able to be published widely, and on various platforms, at the discretion of (the author retains full credit for their work)
Have a clearly named and identifiable author (pseudonyms may only be used for fictional work)
Contain full references to sources of information consulted in the creation of the work
Be clear and as easy to understand as is appropriate for the type of work, utilising accepted grammatical standards for the language of publication
Be freely available to the audience, unless agreed as a for sale item by both the author and

We also recommend:

Making the work available in multiple formats (e.g. audio and online text)
Providing accurate English translations for non-English works (this will widen your audience)

It is essential that, as a contributor to, you are:

Open to updating your work as you receive relevant criticism, new learning or revelation.
Regularly involved in the study of God’s word.

To enquire about publishing your work via

Read the above Guidelines for Publication.
Write or select a sample text of your work for us to read (min. 200 words, max. 500 words).
Write a short bio about yourself (max. 400 words).
Use the Contact Form (click here) to submit your query, bio and up to 500 word sample. (You will need to cut and paste into the form.)

Once we receive your submission we will read it and consider it prayerfully. We will contact you if we wish to review more of your work for submission to our website.