About Us

Our Mission

To declare God’s wisdom.

Our Vision

People will know their God and do great things for him, both corporately and individually.

We Believe

The Lord wants to guide his people, working miracles hand in hand with people, providing wisdom and instruction to help them benefit from his blessings and miracles. Revelation is most effective when coupled with godly wisdom and instruction.

Our Non-Negotiables

Jesus is the only son of God.

The Devil is real.

Jesus died on the cross, taking upon himself the sins of all people.

Jesus rose again, defeating the Devil.

Jesus provided the one and only means of gaining eternal life.

The Holy Spirit is willing to counsel God’s people.

We Do

Through Christian focused Bible study, research, prayer, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit we aim to declare the wisdom of God to his people in a way that can be usefully applied to every believer’s life.

Our Focus

Encouraging people in the use of wisdom and having personal interaction with God in their daily lives.

Founded in New Zealand, Going to the World

Faith with Wisdom was founded in New Zealand but uses digital communication and content delivery to make our ministry available in most countries around the world and our publications are available in a variety of digital formats.

Join Us

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